Why Choose A Sectional Garage Door?


There are many different factors that go into consideration when we’re buying a new garage door. How often do you use your garage door, are you looking for a replacement or a renovation, what your budget is, what style you want? There are many things to consider but once you have decided all of this you can then decide what garage door will be best for you.

Sectional garage doors are one of many types of domestic garage doors and come with many benefits and advantages for you and your home. Here’s just a few:


Sectional garage doors, especially those manufactured by Hormann, have surprisingly great insulating properties. It is important to check the insulation specifications and technical data of garage doors as some garage doors will be cheap and lack quality. Others however, such as sectional garage doors that are 42mm thick often the same insulation as an opening and closing a brick wall. This of course, depends on the size of the door and whether a high-quality seal in installed, but sectional doors especially can be a great insulated. So, if you spend a lot of time in your garage, or have converted it to a leisure pace, sectional garage doors will be a great option.


Sectional garage doors are one of the safest and most secure garage doors available on the domestic market. One reason for the is the lack of penetration points on the door. This means there are less points of weakness and therefore fewer points for potential breaking and entering. Also, due to the high quality of York garage doors, the sectional garage doors ae built to withstand harsh weather conditions


Sectional garage doors at York Garage Doors can be completely customised to suit any home. We can tailor the size of your garage door to exactly fit your garage. The general standard sizes of a garage door are usually between 5500mm wide and 3000mm high. This, however, can be changed to as big or small as is required. If you need an extra-large garage door this can still easily be done as well as having no compromise on strength or security.

York Garage Doors have been manufacturing and installing a range of garage doors, including sectional, for homeowners across York and Yorkshire for over 30 years. We have remained a leading company in the local garage door industry by building an impressive reputation for customer satisfaction.

If think sectional garage doors might be the best option for you, or if you’d like more information about our range of garage doors, give us a call now on 01904 275 182.

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