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Things to consider when buying a garage door


At York Garage Doors, we are often asked many questions by the consumer which we happily answer. Most stem around what type of door would look best with (a modern, a traditional) home?

Although there are often many doors to choose from, some will inevitably look better with styles and types of houses than others.

Below, our leading garage door technicians and sales directors have come up with five top tips to help you choose the best door for your home; not necessarily the door your neighbour has.

You must choose a material that works for your climate

Now in the UK this is less of a problem but we do have harsh winters so making sure the material you choose (if you live on the moors) can cope with snow and damp conditions is vital. You may not choose timber for example because it requires lots of maintenance and shows wear and tear quickly.

Wood garage doors are an investment

Lots of homeowners like timber garage doors, especially in York where it matches the Yorkshire stone of buildings superbly. However, timber is expensive and thus you should always see this as an investment rather than an impulse buy.

Do you need insulation?

In modern years, insulated garage doors have increased in popularity, However, if your garage does not connect to your home, having an insulated garage door, which costs more money, might not be the best option, if your garage does connect then it could help to reduce heating bills. You should consider this carefully though during the buying process.

Pick a style that suits your home

If your home is really futuristic, with modern lighting and a striking design, do not pick a traditional door as it will look completely out of place. In the same breath, if you live in a very traditional and historic listed building, do not try to add a very complex and striking garage door as it will look odd. Pick a door that best reflects the overall feel of the home. You can always personalise it but try to keep it within some guidelines.

Ensure your garage door has the safety requirements you need

Don’t just pick a door that looks great, think about the protection of items inside that it will offer. If it is not going to offer anything to the homeowner then there is little point having one. If you store expensive cars inside your garage, do not go for a flimsy garage door, but one that would protect it at all times. It makes sense really.

These are just five op tips to help you when you are looking to buy a garage door. If you would like more advice from our expert team in York, please do not hesitate to contact one of us today by calling 01904 275 182. We have a proud history of working in York for over 30 years and are always happy to help. 

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