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Must know maintenance tips


Have you ever been running late for work and your garage door starts playing up – meaning there’s another factor contributing to your horrible morning? One way to avoid this situation is to regularly maintain your garage door and the experienced team here at York Garage Doors are here to give you some expert advice.

Lubricate all moving parts          

This piece of advice is especially applicable in the colder months of the year, when the moving parts of your garage door start to seize up and the operation starts to suffer because of this. The smallest bit of lubricant goes a long way in transforming your garage door’s consistency in operation as well as reducing the noise levels when opening and closing.

Test balance

If your garage door’s balance isn’t quite right, it means that your garage door opener will be working extra hard every time you open and close your door, meaning its longevity will only be decreasing.

You can check whether your garage door has good balance by pulling the release handle on your opener which will disconnect the opener. Then you need to open or close the garage door halfway and if it stays balanced without your help, you are good, but if not, the spring’s tension needs to be modified.


The garage door is one of the most often used entryways to homes up and down the UK and will be opened and closed thousands of times a year. If your garage door is used anywhere near this amount of times, its main parts will naturally start to become damaged and will need to be seen to.

Inspect your door’s rollers, cables, springs and every other part of the door to make sure it stays in top shape for years to come.

The team here at York Garage Doors have been working in the garage door industry for decades. This experience gives them the knowledge to help our customers with any of their garage door needs, so if you have any questions, get in touch online or call us on 01904 275 182.

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