Garage Door Myths


Garage Doors are all around us, however did you know that there are many myths about the doors themselves which can be dispelled, and that could well help you to make a decision about getting a new door just a bit easier.

At York Garage Doors, we don’t want you to have to worry about ‘myths’ when it comes to buying a door, so the team have looked at a few to help you out.


A noisy garage door is a sign of a problem with the door itself. You cannot buy a door that is already noisy. Lots of people will not have a certain type of door because they assume it relates to noise and if they leave for work early, or come home late, they do not want to wake up others. If your garage door is making a noise, you should look at the parts and see if they require lubrication, or call out a professional to ensure it has been installed properly.

Garage doors are the same

For some reason, which we cannot understand, lots of people believe that all garage doors are the same and do the same thing. As we have mentioned many times within our blogs on this site, there are many different benefits which arise from our variety of doors. You should always speak to one of our team as to the use of your garage door as this will inevitably alter the door you choose.

No maintenance is required

This is never the case. Some garage door might require less maintenance and newer ones should require less than an old style, but it is not true that a door will never require any upkeep. In-fact, the more upkeep you do on the door, the less likely it is to cost you lost of money in the long run.

These are just a few myths regarding garage doors, however there are many more out there. If you have heard something and want some clarification, please do not hesitate to contact one of our team today by calling 01904 275 182.

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