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Essential garage door maintenance tips


Making sure your garage door operates smoothly is vital to maintaining the look of your home. With the garage door being the largest moving part of your home, it’s key that you keep it up to scratch, here are our essential tips to help you do just that.

Make observations

By using your own initiative, looking and listening out for any faults is the most important maintenance tip for your garage door. Are there any alarming noises such as cranks or screeches? Is it moving slowly? These questions need to be running through your mind when opening and closing your garage door.

Keep your door clean

Keeping your door clean should be the start of any garage door maintenance, be sure to use a multi-purpose cleaner. By regularly cleaning, it also gives you the opportunity to inspect for any other faults such as peeling paint, rusty steel or chipped wood.

Inspect and replace rollers

No matter whether the material is steel or nylon, your rollers need to be replaced every seven years or so and inspected twice or three times a year, especially if you use your garage door a few times a day.

Any damaged rollers need to be replaced straight away, you do this by removing and reapplying roller brackets that aren’t attached to the cable system.

Lubricate the moving parts

It takes just 10 minutes to lubricate the moving parts of your garage door, and it will add years on to its life-span. To do this, add white lithium grease on the openers chain or screw, and spray lubricant to coat the overhead springs.

Test the safety features

Two mechanisms are responsible for the safety of your garage door, a photocell one and a mechanical one. When testing out the photocell one, there should be photoelectric systems on each side, close the door and pass your leg in its path, the door should reverse.

For the latter, place an object such as a piece of wood on the ground in the path of the door, when the door touches it, the door should reverse direction and go back up again.

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