Common garage door opener problems


The team here at York Garage Doors are experienced and skilled enough to help you out with any of your garage door issues. We like to see ourselves as garage door specialists – we’ve come across pretty much any problem that you can think of.

Not only do we love to help you, our customers out, we also love to inform and teach you about how you can look after your garage door and recognise any issues. In this article, we will run through the most common garage door opener issues and whether you’d need to call one of the specialists here or if you can fix it yourself.

Remote batteries are dead

It may sound like we’re being blatantly obvious here, but for your garage door opener to work, the batteries in the remote need to be working and not dead.

If your garage door isn’t opening by responding to the signal from the remote, try and open it manually using the button on the inside wall of the garage and if it then decides to open/close, then the problem lies with the remote. The simple solution to this is to buy a new set of batteries for the remote.

But if your garage door STILL won’t open, then be sure to contact a garage door repair specialist, such as one of the experienced team here at York Garage Doors

Photo-eye sensors dirty

In 1993, a law was put in place so that all garage doors must have a photo-eye sensor on either side of the door’s opening, around 6 inches off the floor. These two sensors are there to stop the garage door from closing on anything in its path – ultimately to prevent accidents and serious damage to friends, family and belongings.

The sensors themselves are only the size of a pea, but if the lens that is covering has any dirt or dust blocking it, the door will reverse in operation. To resolve the issue, simply wipe the lens with a cloth and remove whatever is blocking the sensor and preventing it from working.

Track is not aligned

This can be a serious issue – in order for your garage door to operate, the metal track must be in line and if it isn’t, your door won’t be able to move and therefore open and close. If you take a look at the track and there are gaps between the rail and rollers, or if the rail itself is bent in any way, then you have a problem on your hands.

Due to the heavy nature of the door, if you don’t see to the issue soon, it will make the garage door difficult to use. We highly recommend that if the track is misaligned and you cannot open the door because of it, that you call one of the team here and we will come out and repair it for you.

York Garage Doors are a partner of Hormann and only supply their garage doors so you can be sure of our quality. Unfortunately, no matter how durable and long-lasting a door is made to be, it cannot last forever. When your garage door stops working, call York Garage Doors and our repair team will guarantee a quick resolution to your garage door fault. Get in touch on 01904 275 182.

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